How to Support the Three Lions – Officially

Anyone looking to get behind their football team will, at some point, consider the possibility of joining an official club. All domestic, professional sides are likely to provide such an opportunity and it’s the same at national level where international teams recognise the importance of support, both home and away.

In terms of the England football team, there is one clear option for fans and that lies through the official England supporters club.

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Signing Up

English football supporters can easily find the official website for the club and by joining, they can access a wide range of benefits. The first bit of good news is that it’s completely free to sign up at the base level and the only charges kick in for those who want to upgrade and join the official travel club.

So what does that basic level of membership provide from the official England supporters club? Tickets can be more easily accessed in this way as members will get first choice on up to eight home match tickets across the season. Membership also provides the chance to get involved in exclusive competitions and there is a fans forum where you can get on board and have your say.

Once signed up to the England supporters club, membership is ongoing so there’s no need to process any renewal forms. It’s a good entry level for all english football supporters but there is an opportunity to take things a little more seriously.


An upgrade to the travel club does come at a price with a cost of £75.00 for adults and £30.00 for juniors. The charge is for an initial two years and, of course, those figures can be subject to change.

For that outlay, fans will enjoy all the benefits that come with free membership but there is so much more to enjoy. As this is a travel club there is a clear emphasis on supporting those fans who want to follow the Three Lions home and away and, therefore, there are options on tickets for all matches. Upgraded members of the official England supporters travel club can still get first choice on those eight home games but they can also purchase away match tickets – both friendlies and tournament qualifiers.

Discounts on home match tickets are also provided while there are further options to purchase tickets for major tournaments. At the time of writing, the next big event for english football supporters is Euro 2020 which has been pushed back to 2021 and that’s one to look forward to for all members of the travel club.

Those upgraded fans will also receive a membership card which opens some additional doors. Firstly, lots of supporters like to show their allegiance via official merchandise and that card allows for a 10% discount on all purchases in the England store. There will be a promo code to insert when buying from the shop so remember to check the official travel club site to find out the exact details.

Finally, upgraded members can also look forward to receiving an official newsletter detailing all of the upcoming events and the tickets that you can apply for.

The Choice is Yours

The choice of which official England supporters club to apply for is entirely down to the individual. Those that only attend a few home games across a season are likely to prefer the free option while others who follow the Three Lions home and away should certainly be looking at the upgrade as it does provide value for money. The discounts on offer outweigh the initial outlay for those travelling to watch England over time.

The newsletter can also be useful but the official England supporters club website is an invaluable resource. Members at either level should log on at regular intervals to see when the latest batch of tickets are available for purchase while travel details for upcoming away games are also outlined.

Of course, any fan is completely free to continue watching the English national football team without any commitment but there are definite benefits that come with making things more official. The level of membership depends on your preference for staying home or away but both options should be considered at some point.